About BLF Foundation

The BLF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to retain, develop, and graduate minority college students. Through our Annual Richard Fontenot and Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarships, we are able to assist with the expensive costs of attending college. During our Developing Future Leaders Yearlong Mentorship Program, we are able to develop and mentor college students by providing cognitive and soft skill development so that we increase the number of college graduates.

Students in the mentorship program receive a broadened network through the many community and corporate partners we work with and the mentors they are assigned during the program year. Through our signature professional development program, students attend monthly mentorship sessions that enhance their leadership capacity and cognitive skills. As the students acquire and apply new learning in the mentorship program, they are able to translate the skills they gain into strategies for excelling in college, transitioning into careers by becoming transformational leaders in corporations and contribute to improvements in communities.

Joining the team at the BLF Foundation will help you find great purpose in your work. Not only will you have the ability to work from home or work from wherever you desire, you will be pouring back into the lives of many college students. Each role is vital to carrying out our vision to increase the number of talented college graduates. We look forward to having you join our team, via a new career or volunteering your expertise.

Current openings

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